Phoenix Products


Phoenix Products is a leading manufacturer of custom generator enclosures, fuel tanks and fueling systems for standby power, prime power and peak shaving power applications. As specialists in custom fabrications for difficult conditions and unique situations, we have satisfied thousands of customers in the banking, data processing, communications, transportation, human services and governmental sectors, where performance, reliability, and longevity are critically important.

From our engineers and designers to our welders and fabricators to our finishers and customer service representatives, every Phoenix Products employee is dedicated to setting the highest standard for manufacturers of emergency power fueling systems and custom generator enclosures and packaging.Double-wall and Vaulted Aboveground Tanks.

Our extensive array of UL-listed fuel storage tanks, including the largest rectangular storage tanks in the industry, double-wall and vaulted aboveground tanks up to 30,000 gallons, and generator base tanks up to 13,500 gallons provide the broadest fueling system selection in the industry. Our patented, Fire-SteelĀ® UL 2085 Protected Secondary Containment Generator Base Tank pioneered the use of vaulted base tanks, which are now required in many regulatory jurisdictions.Generator Packaging and Fuel Delivery SystemsFew companies have more experience packaging generator sets and designing integrated fuel systems.

We pioneered the use of aluminum for enclosure manufacture, combining its corrosion resistance with the structural integrity to withstand winds up to 200 mph. We also manufacture enclosures from stainless steel and carbon steel. Phoenix Products can custom design a fuel delivery system to satisfy your requirements for a single generator or for mutiple generators at the same site.


A proud member of:  

Electrical Generating Systems Association       National Fire Protection Association      Petroleum Equipment Institute

- EGSA, Electrical Generating Systems Association
- NFPA, National Fire Protection Association
- PEI, Petroleum Equipment Institute